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나 고백할게 있는데

Well, who in this world wants to admit their mistakes. All people do is blame others about things. People think i don’t know thinks, but i do know things. But i just don’t show that i care as much as i really do. Just because i don’t say things, people think I’m too weak to defend myself. It’s just that i do not want anymore arguments that will cause trouble.

People i trust, people i thought i could trust, just disappoint me at the end. Because i though they knew me enough, i trusted them. 가슴이 아파요. If you read this post, i hope you know how i feel. I took you as my own sister that i could confide in. I told myself before that i couldn’t trust anyone at all, but after awhile, i told myself to just forget it, trust someone. Talking to someone could be ok. But it seems that i was wrong, again. You made me feel that i couldn’t trust anyone again, that i should have not trusted anyone. I told myself, maybe i can trust you but its because of some misunderstanding. But after awhile, it seemed to no avail. I told myself to give everything up.


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