Who said turning 18 was fun?

In a week (on the month of October), I’m turning 18. It could be fun, but I chose to look at it the bad way. Why?

The good things:
-> I’m legal!!

The shitty things:
-> Business management project is due in around my birthday.
-> There is Math and Psychology test that makes it worse.
-> Environmental Science outing (not good, nature)
-> English essay due, and I’m not done with the presentation that I have to redo.
-> Ma moison Tonkatsu (I have to go to work)
-> My brothers has N lvls and PSLE.
-> CAS (Creativity, Action, Service). I’m running out of idea of what to do.
-> Korean class, I have no more time for that. I barely understand and the exam’s coming up soon!

You see? How is it good that I’m turning 18? So many things due and I’m scared, its only the beginning of 2 full years of hell!


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