Almost there, almost dead

1 more paper and  I AM DONE WITH MID YEAR EXAMS!

All i can say is i did horrible on Math, English and Psychology. I didn’t finish all of those 😦

On tuesday, i was damn happy after my chinese exam as it was easy. afternoon paper is math. right after i saw it, my mood went down. I didn’t complete any of the questions! I am so dead! i mean, its my fault that i didn’t study hard, but i really don’t understand why i have to do such complicated math. Its not like i am going to need it. Just give me the basics will do! Oh! I need to look for an IB math teacher though.

For Psychology, i did study! I stupidly forgot the difference of Endocrine system with Exocrine system! Stupid me! URG! that was due to careless mistake. And 2 question i did not do. I lost 15 marks because i didn’t do 2 and for the careless mistakes, i probably lost 30. which means i could have barely passed 😦

English  was horrible! I did not have enough time to finish writing my essay 😦 I just needed 10 mins to finish writing my conclusions! anyways, this would have been my conclusion:

“Both text one and text two give reasons to why Juices should be enjoyed. But i would personally chose text 2 over text 1 because text 2 gave me more reasons to why i should drink juices. Taste and usage of juices were mentioned in both texts, but the health reasonings and evidence was given.”


not that short la! hahaha! anyways, LAST PAPER = ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM SCIENCE (9AM – 11 AM)

Have not studied, should do it soon 🙂


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