Got back some of our exam papers from last week. the only one i’m satisfied with is my Chinese. 6 for the exam 😀 and chinese oral is a 17. I think i got better then what i deserved since i was pretty nervous and i was repeating myself.

The only think i do not want to look forward to is my math grade since i know i failed. DUH! Miss obvious! I did not even complete any of the questions and i leaved out many questions blank. Math is my worse subject ever, never passed it for 5 years since i have never put any effort with it. Now, i have to look for math tutor. IB is killing me from the inside out.

Im quite nervous about my Science and Psychology now. In a way, i’m taking two sciences. Psychology exam has biology in it. I’m really scared now since i’ll be getting my Psychology, Math and Science results back tomorrow. Its not a good combination since its my worse 3 subjects i think. God bless me to not have a heart attack tomorrow


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