There is this quote i found on twitter, it says

Skinny = anorexic , thick = obese , virgin = too good , non-virgin = slut , friendly = fake , quiet = rude. You can never please society.

To some extend, non-virgin = slut is actually true. At the age of 17 where as you are single (not married) and you are having sex with 10 other guys, yea you’re a slut. Well of course, you don’t have to be at the age of 17. I just believe those who are not married yet and are having sex with different guys are slut. To make it sound nicer, those girls have loose mouth and legs.

People in these world are too judgmental. First impression is important i believe, but you should not use first impressions to judge people for the rest of your life. It makes you’re life miserable. I mean, yea if the first thing you heard about someone cheating on their other half (having an affair) and wreaking families, you can have the excuse to say that. But if its just someone who did not smile at you when you walk by them, did you make an effort to think if they were having a bad day? If you yourself can be expected to be grumpy at certain period of time because you have a bad day, so do they.


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