Yes, it’s been almost a year ago that we’ve met. Yes, we’re never together officially. Yes, it might seem that I’m delusional. But I believed that we both felt the same way. The memories left behind was really something, it was new to me and I will never forget it.

Two really awkward strangers having to deal with each other. I wished that it would have started differently then it will probably lasted longer then the short 3 months. I was selfish as well, I’m sorry for that.

I remember the first time we both hang out after my work. It was so awkward and I was underdressed since I wasn’t prepared of the fact that we will be watching a movie. Still remembered how awkwardly we held hands in the theatre. It became a habit after the first one. Yea, I was upset at the fact that you didn’t really like my friends and you expect me liking to hang out with yours. But I guess it’s fine.

Now all I can do is think of the past and learn from it. I hope you will lead a good life of our own. Take care of yourself, instead of takin in sinful youth pleasures that will never benefit you. Cherish yourself an those around you. Don’t wait till things get into trouble.


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