A personal comment not everyone will like

A comment made for a post by Yenny Wijaya. Obviously an Exo lover as well amongst a whole lot of other kpop group. here’s the link -.-. Please read the link before reading what I have to say, I do not want to put my words for hers.

Okay, so here it is. Please do not put words of your mouth to those that are of our mouth. Most Elfs do not hate on Exo like you have claimed, just do no support Exo like you and some elfs do. If I were I go to SS4INA, I will still sit and listen to Exo’s songs due to the fact that its a guest appearance and to be respectful, but I won’t go crazy listening to it. Like trax’s and fx’s performance. I listen to it and I enjoy it but I do not put up banners or lightstick for them.

There is something I want to say about the term “pure elf”. To be pure, it means that SJ will be the first band\ singer they’ve liked through out their life. To be honest, I started listening to Wonder Girls before I actually start to have a liking for SJ, and have a big bias feeling for SJ. I’m a person who likes quality music, and I mean songs made and sung from a longer time ago. The current songs are too mainstream, there are no meaning to it that’s why I never am the type to like newbie groups made after 2007-8.

Regarding the comment made about pure elfs hating on Exo, please back it up properly. The “onlysjbanner” is out there because not all people like Exo, you should understand this. And Super Show is a specific concert for a specific group. Remember the showcase for Exo and Eeteuk is the MC? There are none, or hardly, anyone who brought SJ\ Eeteuk lightstick or banner though there are elfs to support Eeteuk. Its because people respect the fact that it’s an Exo concert, not SJ.

And Ms. Yenny Widaja, when you take out quotes like

“if your dad is having dinner with your mum, and he let your step-mother to sit on the main seat, is that called respect to your mum?”.

, please credit whoever who said that to avoid misunderstanding. Do you know without proper credit, public will assume that you are the one who wrote it? Or it will be plagiarism.

Many more comments on twitter about this. By @pastakyu:

I bet that if SJ were the guests of another artist’s tour, you’d be fighting against people who say “NO SJ BANNERS”. Hypocrite. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

I will support SJ by physically be there and screaming (because i’ll be overly excited) but to respect the original singer
I will actually not hold any SJ banner or lightstick at that.


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