( 人 )=3

I’m the type of person who makes a statement and hardly elaborate my point to make it persuasive. It’s the “oh so you either believe me or not believe me” type. I’m too tired to talk to much and make my point out there coz i expect my friends to know what type of person i am, or rather people would know what type of personality i have when i open my mouth or when i don’t open it up. I don’t want to hurt people with words, so i usually will beat around the bush and not be specific yet people out there wants the juicy information.


Because with the juicy news, they will be able to gossip. and with gossip, they are well liked by people because they are “knowledgable”.

Honestly, i can see how some people are. mostly due to personally experiences with them. After awhile, i don’t want to associate with them but i’m the one who never have the guts to tell the person to stay away from me. I’ll just talk less to people and ignore them kindly not to make it obvious (but i am an obvious person if they know me enough). Some i just want to make them stay away from me but there isn’t much i can do about it because i do not want to say things that will make them feel offended. I don’t know, is it hard to see if someone don’t want to talk? I don’t want to hurt someone by saying “can you just shut up for a little while?”. they will whine and while “why~”


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