It feels like no one has commitment left anymore. At first they say “Hey, I’ll help you” or “Hey, let’s do this together”. It it after awhile, one by one left and I’m the only one left.

Its been 2 years or so. I haven’t really force you guys to have to commit much time for it, just maybe once in a whole when there are some special ones here. Has anyone really though about me? Whenever people claim they are busy, am I not busy too? Its the last shot I have in school before I go to university. I’m as busy as you guys in school, or even busier to say.

I’m not gonna compare how much work we have, but how much free time we have. What have you contributed during your 6 months vacation? If you went I work like I did (which I still contributed), it fine, but your work was only a month. The rest of the 5 months? Yea… Like I said.


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