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YOLO? You only live once, so take care of the people you cherish.

Everyone has a different definition of life. My definition of life, isn’t YOLO. In case you’re wondering, YOLO means “You only live once”. My life is what most people call boring, unless your the super religious or traditional. My definition of YOLO “You only life once” is to take care and cherish everyone else in life. Because you only live once and there will be no chance if the people or you were to die, there will be no turning back to tell them you love them or you are thankful to them

I’ve only club once to see for myself why people say clubbing is fun. Ive tried smoking once to see why people think smoking is cool. You know what? For me, all those are not cool or not fun. Yes, I drink once in a while not because get drunk, but to train myself not to drink over my limit. To tell myself that alcohol is not tasty. But to train myself to when I grow older and work, I can entertain my business partner and protect myself at the same time. I don’t want to get drunk and get raped.

My life is what majority of current people call “Boring”. Because i do not do what most people do. Im the “When you get married, your in laws won’t like it if you are not a virgin while marrying their kid. Your in laws will despise you if you go clubbing and drinking and smoking all those. Using parents money only for school fees and daily necessities. ” well, I practice all those because I respect others as well as myself. I don’t club because it’s to late at night. I’m still a virgin at the age of 19 and am planning to be one until the day of my marriage because I love myself. I don’t spend too much because I don’t have the ability to earn so much yet.

Above all, i believe my body is the temple of God. You dont do shit in temples, churches or mosque, then don’t do shit to your body. You only life once, cherish the people you love. Not make a fool of your life.


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