Almost a year ago

You know, almost a year ago you’ve asked me why I was so emotional during that time. If you noticed that what I’ve posted are about my insecurities about us, I guess we both would already be settled.

I was upset, because you weren’t sensitive enough or so to speak, no sensitive enough for my point of view. Sometimes you are too sensitive for your own good. You act only after consulting your friends. What if you just acted on your own accordances? I might have liked it if you have the guts to act out your thoughts instead of being so shy and nervous around me. I won’t bite you know? I liked you as well, maybe more then you liked me then.

I was sick being the one who initiates the talks and dates. If I did not start talking, I guess you would not have even talked to me at all. Your texts, that is if you texted me first, are “:)”. Say something please instead of just a smile. I won’t know what to reply. I want to be considerate with the fact that we are Asian, not acting out of my impulse and not thinking about my culture. I don’t want to act desperate, I want to feel wanted by you too.


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