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Response regarding the comparison of TVXQ and SuperJunior

During an press conference for SS4 Tokyo, Leeteuk mentioned about the comparison of TVXQ and SJ since both performed in Tokyo Dome.

When asked about the comparisons to label mates and fellow Hallyu superstars TVXQ, Lee Teuk replied, “Many people compare our popularity to TVXQ’s, but we really have a long way to go. TVXQ’s fandom is beyond imagination. TVXQ’s popularity is the result of hard work that began at performances in front of only 500 people.”

He continued by explaining, “In comparison, we never had any real promotions or activities in Japan but we received a lot of love as a result of the K-pop boom. We are considering creating a unit in Japan in order to repay the love that we received.”

I am a fan of Super Junior and TVXQ (only these two!). There is a difference you know between TVXQ and SJ. Both are legends in their own ways, and they cannot be compared. TVXQ has been running for 8 years and still are running. They had promotions and debuts in both Japan and korea thats why they get to perform in Tokyo Dome. Here’s the main point. SUPER JUNIOR HAD NEVER DEBUTED AND PROMOTIONS IN JAPAN BUT THEY GET TO PERFORM IN TOKYO DOME!!

When i see this comment from a twitter user (a biased non elf obviously) “sheeesh nobody shouts their fanclub’s name during a performance EXCEPT for Yunho.” i was like, “urm, you apparently are very narrow minded.” Super Junior does that randomly too, especially Eeteuk. and this! “because TVXQ started from the scratch. :)” urm, who (other then Exo) does not start from scratch? BoA did, Kangta did, SJ did.


3 thoughts on “Response regarding the comparison of TVXQ and SuperJunior

  1. hmmm… you are right.. that’s why you went here? XDD so much people who don’t know about both of them (Super Junior and DBSK) should shut their mouth… or maybe tie their hand and finger to stop them typing their opinion which don’t have any point since they don’t know about Super Junior or DBSK, they have made the condition worse with their opinions which really biased on one side (SJ’s side or DBSK’s side).

    you have really restrain your opinion on twitter… ^^ ahhh it’s really hard to reastrain our opinion on twitter… sometimes, your choice to not online on twitter really right,,, i have a blog too.. but in Indonesian.. since i’m too lazy/slash/ ok.. i’m not really good in English… LOL

    but i like your opinion, since i often have the same opinion with yours… but the different between us is you can convey your opinion in right way so noone feel bashed but mine.. ahahahaha… i dunno how to convey my opinion so i won’t make everyone misunderstand with my opinion… XDDDDDD

    ahahahhaa… see you on twitter when you online again… ^^~
    God Bless You… ^^

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