Shit happens in life

So many things going on in life these days. it seem like every single thing could just agitate me anytime. But when i get upset at someone, it really depends how “close” i am to the person. If its just a random classmate or some person i’ve talked to only once, i’ll just say what’s on my mind regarding the issue i have with them since i know that i won’t and don’t want to get close to them anyways so why not? People who i’m closer too, i’ll most likely not say anything and leave them alone for a few days to chill a little.Sometimes i’m just mad at people because they judge people so much. I smoked once, im not considered a “smoker”. If I’m smoker, those people who had sex once are whores? what about those who smoke consistently? I tried smoking once to see how bad it is and to remind myself never to smoke since it kills the lung and as a asthmatic person i won’t want to make it worse by smoking on a consistent level. Do you know what smoking really is? it has to be sucked in into the lung then puffed out. I don’t do that.

If you can judge me by your standards, i can judge you with my standards as well. You won’t like what i say. I just don’t say things just because you’re a friend. If you’re just some random classmate, i’ll just lash out and not care what others think about me. You want to be the ‘religious’ things, but you yourself has broken the rules from youre religion. I’m not judging you for having a different religion as me, i’m more of the “i’ll judge you by your actions and on what you based your life as. You always say you believe on a thing but you totally broke it”


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