Perspective towards immigrants workers

Do prevention instead of looking cure. What’s the point of medication if someone is healthy? You can’t buy the happiness of everyone. Choose which is more important to you, wealth of safety? This is one thing I would like to address the government of Singapore.
Singapore has rules, regulations and limitations for everything, and I would specifically talk about speed. Driving limits are usually below 100 in Singapore where ever you go. If there is speed limits, why bother letting sports car be sold in Singapore? To some people, it’s for collection. But look at it this way.

The recent car crash accidents in Singapore are related to sports cars and rich Chinese expats or Chinese migrant workers. There are many china and india migrant workers on the public transportations. Singapore needs these Chinese and Indian workers as they serve a bond to China and India, a bond saying they want to work with china and India and they need many resources from both places. Well, as much as any Singaporeans not liking this, it’s true. What does China and India help singapore?

One obvious point – where do the citizens of Singapore originally come from? Well, China India Malaysia and Indonesia. Some other points listed below are also important. Who builds the singapore economy? Human labour and natural resources from China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and more. Who makes the houses and shopping centres and makes lives easier for people in Singapore? All the migrant workers from the countries listed above.

Instead of blaming the Chinese expats for the car crashes and blaming the immigrants for making the public transportations really full, why not ban sports cars? Why not make more public transportations more frequent so people don’t have to squeeze? Of people want to chase them away from Singapore, who’s going to do the dirty jobs? No one is willing to do it do just deal with it! People should be thankful and be respectful towards these immigrants for doing all these jobs to make our lives better.


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