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Mentality, Student council = Government Politics (but less intense?)

I really cannot and do not understand the mentality of some people at some times. tonight at 10 pm, as i saw someone posted about the current (whom are leaving) caterer. So i suddenly thought since they are leaving, did the student council give them a token of appreciation since they seem to be busy the past month due to the search of new caterer group. So i went to the school (student) facebook page and posted “I was wondering if the student council got anything for the canteen people as a thank you present….” This is meant to be a “yes, we did prepare” or “no, we did not” question. There is one student who commented “Give the aunty a hug”  Okay, that’s a suggestion. The 2012 – 2013 student council secretary answered

” The student council provided gifts for all the maintenance staff. We appreciate the suggestion, perhaps next time you could tell us these suggestions in the suggestion box on the Student Council Board, and we could receive them earlier than 10pm the night before the last day of school :)”

It was a yes or no question and i was given a paragraph answer that did not answer my question. A classmate said “was just a question though”. It has gotten likes from different grade levels and even from people whom i did not know. There were even likes from the graduating (more like graduated) class of 2012 whom i have never spoken too. After the facebook page discussion kinda ended, the secretary twitted to me “Hey,it seems like you have a lot of suggestions for student council. could you try voicing them in a postive manner? :)” Urm, number one – I did not given any suggestion nor did i have any. It was a question not a suggestion. How was that question negative? It was something that i believe many people needed clarification on. As upset as a misunderstood person, i replied “hey, i was just wondering. Not really a suggestion.”

Then again she replied “I understand that. It just seems like you have been openly denouncing the student council so maybe you could be more polite :)” How was i denouncing the student council? The definition of denouncing, according to the Oxford American Dictionary is publicly declared to be wrong or evil”. Never in any way did i mention or hint that the student council is evil. I’m not sure if anything will help her to clear the misunderstanding, i tweeted back “oh no, it was just a random though I had since I saw the post about the canteen people leaving. It’s not like I had it in my mind for a long time or to insult the student council”. If she does not understand this, there is nothing i can do but to appeal to the overseer of the student council and the school board.

People in life when they do anything, if they were to show case their products and actions to the public they will receive both praise and criticism. Only through all types of comments will people grow. Especially when you are a leader, you will need to be all these three “Be open to criticism. Be open-minded. Be approachable.” Student council as a whole, is like the political world. I never liked it. Now that i think about it, the current student council were not voted on, other than the treasurer. since they have had no threat from the beginning, i doubt that they will do a good job in the long run. I’ve never put in much (or if there is even any) hope in student council from before, I’m not putting too much hope in the current one.


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