I wont consider adopting a younger sibling coz this would mean my parents will have to take care of them. But I have already considered adopting a few children when I get married, aside from those I gave birth to. Its because I want children who are not as privileged as those who have parents to be taken care of. I might not be super smart, but it doesn’t take a brain to take care of someone. It starts from the heart.

I want more then 6 children. My dad is my source of inspiration as he is always good with kids. There is a Chinese saying “a dad is his daughters previous lover”. Not that I believe nor my dad was my lover, but daughters are usually pampered by fathers in the Chinese society. Seeing him liking children, my type of boyfriend/husband is like my dad. A guy who likes children and a person who is patient. I will always pray to God, for him to bless me with a good husband who would live kids as much as I do so be wont mind taking care of them when I am not available to do that.

Children are the most innocent and adorable things ever. They deserve to be happy and treated with respect so they will grow up to respect others when they socialise.


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