A petty admin from a petty fanbase

So apparently, SJ is going to release their 6Jib soon! ^^ thats good news. If you are to see the heading for this blog, yes, this is an ranting blog. I myself am an admin and the founder of a fanbase (SupershowsgandSgsjelfs), and I take crediting quite seriously. So when i find a source, i will credit where i get the source and from whom i found it from. But many people may not practice that. If i happen to get hold of an information from a person, i will instantly credit that person only if i don’t find anymore sources. It is not my fault if that information is “stolen” from another fanbase or person. Because i believe only pictures can be stolen since watermarks can be removed. I am a no bullshit person, and i do not tolerate rudeness in any way.

This is one good example. I have gotten an information from a tumblr with no other sources, so i credited her as rightful owner of this information. This is not right?

Awhile later, an admin from @WorldwideElfs commented on how this information actually belonged to them and she demanded me to credit them as well. I kindly explained to her how i got this information from another source, not them. She gave another comment but deleted it right after she rudely. Her is what she said. i even have a screenshot.

Sarah Yuen: “you can delete your comment. once i see you delete yours, i’ll delete mine.”

few seconds later

Sarah Yuen: “i’m not going to care about this anymore.. crediting is really ridiculous.. so you can delete your comments.”

So i asked her what happened, since she said it in such a rude manner! I don’t even know her nor i did offend her in any way.

then she replied “i deleted my past comments about how this is exactly @worldwideelfs’ translation.. and well, now i dont want to care about crediting. so im asking for the comments to be deleted…”

Well, she started this whole thing first. I see no valid reason to deem this whole thing as crap. I will leave the comment alone as it is since I have no fault here. If she would ask me properly, i would delete the comments and credit them maybe. If she really don’t care about crediting, why would she comment at the first place?

This is retarded!


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