Taking things positively.

I’m going to take things positively though things went badly at first. If something is not true, why would you react so strongly to something I have said? It has to be something I said to prick and conscious. I rather have enemies than have 1 million fake friends. It’s common sense to treat people nicely if you were treated nicely. I have been treated nicely by my friends that’s why I’m nice to them as well. I have never expected to gain anything from them, yet they always surprise me.

People with basic manners are pleasant to be around with. By basic manners I mean those who won’t take advantage of you, and be your friend no matter the difference in status. People’s relationship aren’t separated by statuses, they are separated by ego. The ego of wanting what they don’t have, the ego of “I am above everyone else” when there are millions of others above you.

I tried to be friendly, yet you’re always so rude. I tried to make conversations, you would ignore me and take me as a joke until others steps in. being friendly to a family member is harder then being friendly to an outsider since the outsider would respect you more then a family member. I’ll just take it that you’re jealous of what I have based on your behaviour.

If a 5 year old child can be better behaved then you are at another’s house, I really don’t know what to say about you. Being young doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude. I don’t care if you aren’t too well off, I know people who can’t afford going to vacations and it’s alright because life goes on. Having someone you know who has a little bit more money then you are doesnt give you the excuse of smooching and taking advantages of others.

In life, it’s all about having manners. Want me to spell it out for you? Manners is doing what you want a guest to do at your own home when you are at their house. I would not want my room to be messed up by guest, so I don’t mess it up. I don’t want others to waste my money, so I don’t waste their money. Manners and respect I guess is about the common sense of a person. People with no common sense deserves none of my respect, nor do they deserve my time.


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