Reasons why I want to move away

There is practically NO REASON for me to stay in Singapore anymore. 15 years here is more then enough, plus, I’m not even Singaporean. Why stay here? Well, here are my reasons to why i don’t want to be in Singapore.

1) Safety – people say that singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. Here’s the point – ONE OF THE SAFEST! I don’t feel so safe in singapore, because i hear from my friend what has happened to them over the years. Not good. The crime rates here are getting higher by the years as well. It is not the safest country, and there are countries out there safer then Singapore. Ive been to Hongkong tons of times, to be honest i feel that its safer there even though there are more people and its a bigger country because people act friendlier. Thats a factor to be safe. If everyone is friendly and happy, there will be less crimes. Why not move there?

2) Expensive – there are so many things that are so expensive yet the quality we get for it isn’t that great. The wifi router is just right out my room yet I cannot get connected to my wifi. It doesn’t go more then a 1 meter radius, so I have to do my work on the stairs or on the floor outside my room “near” the router. The one I have gotten in Indonesia works so well, it is able to get connection for 2 stories. Its alot cheaper per month and more people are using it on a daily basis. And mind you, houses in Indonesia are bigger then Singapore. The phone bills – I use a blackberry and an iPhone. I pay around $50 SGD per month in Singapore and the 3G is just sucked so bad. In Indonesia when I was visiting, I remember I paid only $36 SGD per month for both. It’s $15 cheaper and the 3G is better.

Transportation fees – taxi starts at $3.20 and hops 25 cents in 30 seconds and there are so many hidden surcharge as well. The amount of money I use to cab from town to the east ($12 – 15), I can go to the airport from central Jakarta. And mind you, Indonesia is a bigger place then Singapore. The bus and MRT – I don’t have to say more. It’s often having issues (MRT stopped so much this year) and buses are not punctual. Even singaporeans are complaining. Indonesia’s bus ride is a “pay by per person” so I can go as much stops as I want for a dollar.

I’m gonna stop here since I don’t want to get into political issues…


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