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LTblogger – A milktea stop in Malaysia

I’m at Malaysia again today and there was this really cool shop around Skudai area at Johor Baru, Malaysia. It’s called Tblogger. At first, I thought it was a shop that sells vintage items because of its signboard, but walking closer, I realise it to be a milk tea shop. Tblogger consist of Tea and Blogger together. The name’s really creative to come to think of it.

You can request for sugar levels or they will give you 100% sugar, which was pretty sweet for me. 30% would be really good since it won’t be too bland. I’ve ordered 1 green milk tea without pearls (30% sugar) and 1 milk tea without pearls (normal sugar/100%). The 30% sugar is nice as you can taste the green tea and milk blend nicely without being too bland. The 100% was just to sweet to me. Customers are given a choice of black pearls, pudding, and 4 other topping to chose from. I didnt want any topping, so it’s fine. I believe they don’t charge more or less with or without toppings.

The price was alright, not too expensive not too cheap. But I suggest you ask for less ice. They put a whole lot of it, not too impressive. Instead of using natural green tea to make the green milk tea, they put powder to it to give flavour. It’s just like Gong Cha in Singapore but just taste better. I would give it a 70% out of 100% as I like natural (without powder) like Koi and Share tea.




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