its about a life

There are people who are alright with getting pregnant before marriage and abortion is alright. Well, for me it is not alright. It’s not alright to be pregnant before marriage (oh you know where this will lead to – sex before marriage is also a no no for me). Its not about religion, its about personal ethics. Yes, the religion (i would like to cal it my beliefs instead of religion) doesn’t agree with sex and pregnancy before marriage nor its alright with taking a life. Its already bad enough that if one is pregnant before marriage, getting an abortion just makes it unforgivable for me personally.


Many says a baby isn’t alive and the baby in the womb is dead. Dead things don’t come alive just because they came to this world on their birth. Scientifically, a baby in the womb is considered alive as well, unless someone experienced a miscarriage the baby will be born dead. Abortion for me is a sin, a crime, a murder. If an adult or a person kills someone with a heart beat, its considered murder, won’t abortion be a murder too?


People who believe in abortion, think of it this way. What if you parents tells you that they didn’t want you as a baby in the womb and they want you dead but thought against that? I will feel sad to know that my own parents wanted me dead at a certain period of time before i was born. It’s hard to be pregnant, and in Asian countries its even harder if you are pregnant when you’re not yet married or being a single parent, but it doesn’t mean that you can pour your frustrations by killing a innocent baby before they are allowed to make a choice in you’re baby’s life. You are given a chance to live and make choices, others are allowed as well. ABORTION IS A VERY SELFISH CHOICE!


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