So much drama

It feels like i’m living in a drama, so much gossips and issues around school. Now that i don’t talk so much, i hear a lot more things. Things that are nice, things that i wish i did not hear, things that i just want to kick someone on the face. Happens so much in my school. if you think this only applies to the student and student gossip about students, you’re wrong. I’ve heard teachers gossip about others right in-front of my face. I feel so disgusted with the teachers and students here. No one seem genuinely nice to anyone. If they are any nice to you, its usually fake so don’t fall for anything nice they tell you. Student council’s pretty much a mess (hey! admit it! do you guys like each other? Not from what i’ve heard from your mouths talking about each other)

All everyone says is “Its the end of high school. no one will really keep in contact after they graduate”. Okay, it means that even friends are not continue being friends after this. I don’t see the point on getting super close to anyone anymore. I rather just talk to anyone with general topics its fine. There are no such things as close friend from school anymore. I’ll probably not say hi to anyone if i see anyone from school that i know, its a waste of time.

The gossips compiled all together can over turn the american drama “Gossip Girl”. The title itself is under rated, its no where near close to real life, too less.


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