Still pretty upset at this point about what had happen

I’m still really upset by the fact that my teacher said i have looked for professional help for my business IA without listening to my explanation on how, according to her, i got a 7 on my first draft. come to think of it, my commentary are not completed since i have only 2 sentences on the places i need commentary on. so there is no way i can get a 7 on my business IA. I should have only gotten a 5 or 6 at the very most. i have had my textbook, the internet for my data and the past IAs as example on how to structure my IA to get a high mark on my IA. The topic for the IA and the one i am doing is completely different. The only similarity is that it’s a standard level IA, the rest are so different. I’m doing on Microsoft’s benefits from the purchase of Skype, looking for a definite similar IA is just not possible!

There are so many people leaving school with various different reasons. Although i am not close to all of them, i still feel upset since everyone already have had a bond for over 1 year. From what i have heard, one guy who left school wasn’t really approved by the principle. He handed his medical certificate from the doctors to the school after he felt better to go out. The principle told him that it’s alright to stay home for another day and come back the next day, but the course coordinator did not want him to come to school because he thought that the medical certificate was fake. From my perspective, if the course coordinator thinks that it’s fake, he should go to the doctors and clarify about this matter instead of not letting him come back to school. It’s just not fair to him.

Although i like this school and appreciate that many teachers are willing to help the students get good score *my math and science teacher at this matter* there are still many improvements for the teachers. My psychology teacher at this matter, wanted us to send in our IA proposal one week after school started, saying that it’s due on the 14th of December. Alright, that’s doable since he gave us a guide on what we can and what we cannot do. It took him 2 months to look through it and send it back to us after the october break. Okay, that is bad enough. Even though i have look through the guide and did one of the topics i thought was more challenging, i was told 1 and a half month before the IA is due that i cannot do that topic due to biological issues. I have decided on doing “Memory and acoustic learning”, i was so ready to work on it. I do not get why i can’t do it until this date, and my friend and i had to decide on a new topic we can work together on.


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