In the end, you’re all by yourself and nothing will matter

When we were all younger, family and friends were important. Every little thing people did matters to us, the small expressions and the little actions they did to show they cared or if they were upset. When we were all young, everyone truly mean what they say or do. The small hearts that showed more care then anything else, only know of being nice and care. Gradually everyone grows up, and the only left is the facade of being truly nice. I don’t see anyone who truly cares anymore, the so call care is more of a pressure then a care.

It’s even so hard to talk about it to anyone, the more it’s talked about, the more pain i feel on this regard. Everyone grows up to breaking up the long time relationships. Those who use to be so friendly and caring, turn those feelings to attain the qualifications that only will last them until they graduate. No, i don’t mean hanging out everyday nor i mean tell everyone your darkest secrets. It’s about the trust and care that is no more. The ones that kept us sane as people with feelings now we turn into people with no feelings to keep us sane.

The drastic changes from the beginning to the end, it wasn’t so noticeable to me until what recently happened. how people you expect not to be like what they are, changed right in front of your eyes. In the end the things that matter most, will evaporate like nothing happened.


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