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Sustainability – marriage

I might not be married or currently in a relationship, but I believe that once you’re married, you’re in forever. Divorcing isn’t an option, that’s what dating is for. Once you’re married, it’s a life long commitment saying that you are willing to share you life with this one person only (other then your children and family). That’s why wedding rings are exchanged, it means everything goes around seeing no end to anything unlike a square. A circle goes round and round, the meaning of wedding bands and wedding vows were considered so sacred, now is just a show and a formality.

What’s the point of getting a divorce when you’ve already made a commitment to be with a person. “TILL DEATH DO US PART” considered to be the most romantic line, now “till we get bored we part”. No matter religion, wedding should be a sacred formality and celebration – the joining of 2 people.

People now are making comments about the legalisation of gay marriages in many parts of the USA. Well, here is my 2 cents – before legalising gay or animal and human or living creature and dead creature marriage, make sure people can stay by each other with out breaking up. Make separations illegal before allowing other marriage to be legalised. Yes, I’m not a supporter of gay marriages and divorces, but divorce is something I really don’t like.

This video by Jen ( meejmuse on YouTube) and her husband sharing how they lasted as a couple even though they got married young.

incase this doesn’t work, click this


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