What’s really the meaning?

In this century, i love you is no longer with the same meaning as it use to be. It’s now a term of everyday use like hello. In other languages other then english, more definite definition of love os something I found really touching.

In the Korean language, I love you is 사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo)or just 사랑해.

사(Sa) means die
랑(rang) means together
해(hae) means doing.

So when u tell someone Saranghaeyo or just saranghae, it means

‘lets live until we die together'”

In traditional Chinese, it is written as 我愛你 (wo ai ni), meaning I love you. With the 愛, there is a heart in the middle of you. The sincerity of love, is with the heart. And the bottom, is friendship. Building up love from friendship and covered with a roof and protection.

English definition of love…


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