Two children killed because of carelessness of a singaporean truck driver

The two children who was killed because of the carelessness of a singaporean truck diver in Singapore – Nigel and Donovan Yap.

They were aged 7 and 13 respectively, young young children who have yet to experience much but because of a carelessness in this city, they can experience no more. Their parents, who share the same hometown as my parents in Indonesia, lost 2 children in one night. Before anything, God please help their parents to find peace and comfort.

Should the driving of big, heavy vehicle not be allowed to drive around school area? And under what condition was the driver under when he was driving it to not see two children in their bicycles. What should be done to the truck driver? Just imprisonment? Its not fair to 2 small lives and their parents not is it fair to the community. The two children are not adults who are killed because they drink – drive, I hope the singaporean government can do something about this accident and avoid accidents like this in the future. For the safety of those who leave their home and come to singapore to find a job, education or better living. If there are so many car accidents, what is the point of paying a hugh amount of money and stay in Singapore? they can just live in their country and suffer from natural disaster instead of human made disaster.


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