The 5 C’s of Singapore

Growing up in Singapore, i have heard many locals talking about how you have to have this 5 C’s before you can think about getting married with anyone here. These are cash, car, credit card, condominium, and country club. Well, that’s what i hear when my parents meet with people. When i was young, i felt that local singaporeans are quite superficial (who doesn’t). Coming from indonesia, the most important thing is car and a normal house since we get stuck in traffic most of the time. I felt miserable in Singapore because people here are quite realistic.

When i read a news article online by yahoo on how the author commented on how the 5 C’s singaporean should change, i felt that if the locals were to change foreigners who have been here long would actually feel happier and more accepted. New 5 Cs that will actually make you a happy Singaporean. Even though it applies to everyone, but i would day this should apply to singaporean more.

The 5 Cs that should be changed:

1. Compare less
2. Cherish
3. Choose your attitude
4. Complain less
5. Change your circumstances and yourself

I felt that the “Complain less” is actually true. Everyone in singapore complain about so many things. Transportation are quicker then most country and safer then most country, but the locals complain about how traveling time can take up to 1 hour of their time. But compared to my home town, its considered to be already safe and easy to travel around. At times I find myself complaining as well since i am raised here in singapore.


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