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Highschool – my worst nightmare

I’m finally done with mock exams, sadly i can’t say the same for high school. I wasn’t well prepared because Chinese New Year holidays was right before that. Imagine mock exams right after a 3/4 days christmas break, i think none of the white people would not be prepared (well, other then the few naturally smart ones). But overall, i think the Business Management paper went alright. Even though i’m really bad at math, i think i did better in math then i did in psychology. scratch that, i screwed my math papers. My grades were super bad. Got my math paper back today and paper 2 was shit. I can never do good in psychology. Its not a difficult subject till the point that makes me want to go bonkers, but its just difficult to memorize associate case studies and the researchers just because there are just too many out there! including those in the syllabus. But God is gracious on my paper 2 psychology. I didn’t study as much as i prayed about that paper. just right before i went in for the paper, like 5 mins before, i was actually guided by God to read a page of the study guide. I didn’t know why that page was so special, and when we were given the 5 minutes reading time i went “GOD THANK YOU!!!!” and jiggly dance in my head. The information was for one of the questions. Even though i could not remember the researcher’s name and i probably didn’t write the essay correctly, at least the basics (i hope) of the study is there. Somehow paper 2 psychology was better then paper 1.

High school has been a terrible experience for me. People judge you for the things you do, and judge you for the things you don’t do. There is nothing that people will not judge you for. You get good grades, people judge you. You get bad grades, people judge you again. If you go clubbing, drinking, smoking, having sex with your girl/guy or anyone people judge you for being a “slut”. You don’t do any of these, you’re a loser. In middle school, everyone bonded where as in high school, don’t expect anyone to be your friend, because that is just not something that is going to work. Expect to be backstabbed by even your bestest friend. Everyone will be more immature then middle schoolers. Teachers don’t care if you need help with your studies, because if money is rolling in their pockets they are satisfied. why work more then you’re paid to? There is hardly any teacher who knows what it is to really be a teacher. There are only a handful of teachers i know who actually are more then willing to help. Its either they teach you like a kindergarten or someone who is taking their PHD. depends who the teachers are i guess. Seniors, they say, don’t need any more help from teachers. Yet they still take our school fees as their salary. Its difficult having to juggle doing 6 subjects and having tested on 2 years worth of things, while teachers focus on their subjects (2 maximum) and on the time period. Wished teachers were alittle more understanding and provide more help to their students. Complaining to parents during parent teacher meeting is just unacceptable, just like teachers think that students failing are unacceptable.


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