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The me 2 years ago and the me 2 years later

Take care of my heart, I gave it to your already…
Its very fragile, because it has been broken before
It has been a long time since I began to trust again, and giving my heart away
You broke it before, but I still gave it to you. Making you its permanent keeper.
Now, only you can make my heart calm, make it beat faster, make it break
Now, as it has grown time to time with you, its much stronger then the past
But not strong enough to be alone, apart from you
Who am I to talk to when you’re not existing in my life now.
You don’t need me as much as I need you. I’m never needed for you. You’d do better without me cause you said so.
Until ur able to set me aside and show me that u’ll never do the same all over again, then maybe I wouldn’t continue what I’ve just started.
Say goodbye? I never know what I want? Well I’m sorry.. You’ve never realized how much I expect from you, you just keep playing arnd.
Baby I love you but it’s just not the way. I still need you here with me.
I’m always thinkin’ of you. Your absence makes me miss u more. I’d never fail to see you smile in my head even though you’re not my school.
Where did all those moments go to? I moved on, doesn’t mean I’m not ME!
When there’s nothing left to say; “I love you 🙂 I hope you do too” will be enough

This was something i felt 2 years ago. now, all im going to say is

“Please be well. hope you have found someone better then i was. Hope you are more courageous to ask a girl out then you were 2 years ago with me. I hope that you’re happy, because it seem that i have moved on.”


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