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No shopping until graduation – starts now!!

Final exams, university application and graduation are around the corner (end of May!), and I have decided from next Monday onwards that I want to become stricter with myself when it comes to buying anything until graduation. There really isn’t anymore thing more important now then graduating from high school as get into a good university to make my parents happy. But since I’m a really fickle minded person, I decide to write it down everywhere I can possibly think of as a reminder.

Here are the things I’m going to spend money on:
1. The product is an absolute essential (like shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, tooth brush, shaver…etc.)
2. A friend’s birthday/farewell/graduation present
3. Something I really need
4. I get $50 a week, and I would like to save up $25 per week.
5. Some money in case Super Junior decides to have another album

Here is what I cannot do:
1. Shopping for cosmetics and clothes
2. Excessive food! $5 a day is more the enough

What “treat” do I get for meeting this goal;
1. Starbucks/Milktea at the end of the week
2. Mac and Cheese or Korean Rice Cake

What more I should be doing with extra time:
1. Start giving more to church,
2. lose weight
3. Read more books/news and get my grades up for the finals. My psychology and math is doing really bad although I’m doing slightly better in psychology.

I belief I have bought all birthday present for all my friends who are born in march, and i have already purchased back ups of practically the things i use like toner, face wash, make up and so on. other then moisturiser, i don’t see myself needing anything as of now so yea… I have no reason to shop just yet.


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