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#OOTD to the clinic!

My OOTD yesterday




This was what I for yesterday when I hard to go to the clinic. My right ear has been feeling so irritated for the past few days it was disturbing my everyday activity and studies for my finals next week! It’s to the point where I couldn’t hear with my right ear as I believe there was something blocking my hearing. I dont know how much to project for me to but just loud enough. My balance was also very off! Next to that, when i went in gently with a cotton butt to feel whats in my ear (the inside sides of the ear) there were blood 😦 I suspected irritation, so the best thing was obviously a doctor. The pain felt just like the taking off of the wisdom teeth a couple of hours after 😦

The doctor that my whole family have been patronising for the past few years has a second office at Novena Square 2 Medical centre so I went to visit. And damn, it’s one place too big. Those who are used to novena, they know what I mean. Novena Square, Square 2, Mount Elizabeth Novena, Novena medical centre. I get confused easy


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