F.T Island Came Back to Singapore Bringing “FTHX Singapore” After 2 Years Since Their Last Concert [Press Conference]




The members of FTlSLAND, namely Song Seung-Hyun (guitarist), Lee JaeJin (bassist), Choi Min-Hwan (drummer), Lee HongKi (vocalist) and Choi Jong-Hoon (guitarist and keyboard), sat through a casual and heartwarming half-hour press conference session with the media, held at the Grand Copthorne WaterFront Hotel on the 7th March 2014 in conjunction with their 6th Anniversary “FTHX” concert in Singapore.

The concert, which will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium the following day as a thank-you concert to their fans for their years of support, marks the return of FTISLAND to Singapore after two long years. The press conference started off casually, as the five suave members of FTISLAND, all decked in black and white suits, strode up on stage to greet the media. Lead vocalist Hongki stated their happiness of being back here in Singapore after two years, but added that the warm weather here takes a little of adjustments to get used to it, amidst laughters from the ground. When the host jokingly commented for the boys to dress lesser at this tropical island state, Hongki said that the band was advised by their stylist to be at their best for the conference.

The press conference entered a serious note thereafter, with questions on the “FTHX” concert and the obstacles faced by the band while starting out in Korea came. HongKi stated that while there will be no special segment for the Singapore fans during the concert, it will still be a unique experience for both the band and the fans alike as this tour is organised solely by the band members, thus culminating to much of their ideas in it. They will be putting in their best efforts for the fans and hope these efforts will be enjoyed thoroughly tomorrow. With regards to the obstacles faced, HongKi mentioned the pressure on them being the first idol band in the industry and the stereotyping faced during their trainees up to their debut days. It wasn’t easy for the band as the general Korean audience at that time were doubting on FTISLAND’s ability to perform and deliver within such competitive industry as they were young and an “instrument” band set-up. Yet he assured fans that the band has now matured and got to a stage whereby they felt settled-down and are able to put their souls into the making of their music.


This led to the famous “what’s next” question from the media, and HongKi stated that the next album will be a joint-effort of all the band members, thus making it a different kind of music that the FTISLAND’s fans were familiar with in the past. The band members are excited about it, and hope that the fans will share their excitement and enjoy their new music. With regards to their upcoming Japanese single which is slated for release in April, the band has no comments on it but mentioned that it may not be released in April, leaving both the media and fans curious.

The mood of the press conference switched down a knot when it was announced that the day of the conference happened to be band leader Jong-Hoon’s birthday as well. When asked if the band had plan any special events for the birthday boy, HongKi interjected to say that the Jong-Hoon had something planned for his band members instead. He stopped short of mentioning what it is, but added that “I wouldn’t say we like it..”, prompting laughters again from the ground. During the Q&A session, Jong-Hoon was asked if he had been working out recently and if there’s any chance for the Singapore fans to see his toned body at the concert the next day. Jong-Hoon amicably admitted to working out, but said that there won’t be any showing of his body at the concert. Another question was directed to bassist JaeJin on HongKi’s recent drama “Bride of The Century” in which JaeJin was involved in lending his voice to the OST. JaeJin said that he felt fascinated to hear his own voice while catching the drama, while added some comments on HongKi’s acting by saying that the acting was a little awkward in the first few episodes. But he praised HongKi for gradually getting himself more into character and the improvements in his acting, in which HongKi defended himself by saying that he felt he’s pretty natural in his role, as laughters once again filled the conference room.

The short session soon drew to a close as the band was asked if they had anything to say to the Singapore fans. Seung-Hyun said that it was indeed a long two years since they were here, and the band enjoyed Singapore a lot as it felt like a holiday to them. JaeJin went on to say that it was good to be back, as they were really busy with programs and promotions thus being unable to come to Singapore. He also mentioned that the band is very grateful to hear that the Singapore fans had been anticipating their concerts and music. Youngest member Min-Hwan reminded female fans to ditch their heels for sneakers if they’re heading for the concert tomorrow, while HongKi states that it’ll be fun yet “tiring” for the fans tomorrow as the show will be “crazy”. Jong-Hoon closed the conference by saying that: “today is a happy day. I am so happy to be in Singapore.” before echoing out what FTISLAND wants: to put up a good show tomorrow and for their fans to enjoy themselves at the concert.



Article and photo by: Michael & Airena 

We would like to thanks One Production for the invitation to the press conference, please keep supporting One production for more event ! ^^ 

Please click here for more pictures of FT Island press conference!



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