Recent Makeup & Skincare Haul


I am just a procrastinator. This blog post was suppose to be up 1 month ago and only now I’m writing it… But here it is!

From when I started make up progressing until now, what I focus on are very different. From Eyeliner, to change of Lipgloss, further onto eyeshadow and now base and mascara. As process of growing up and moving to another country, my skin is becoming different so that is what I focus mainly on.

It is cold here in Switzerland, and my skin was used to warm & humid South East Asia. I started to drink more alcohol since I got to university, and the alcohol shows on my face. Base make up has become an important part of my makeup routine since autumn 2013. So for the new year of 2014 while we are in Italy, I decided to splurge on Dior’s nude Minimiser primer and Chanel’s VitaLumier Aqua foundation. Although I am peeling on some parts of my face, the Dior primer is used for mainly Friday nights (*coughs*) so my foundation can stay and help conceal the red flush


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