Glow in Thailand Retreat – August 9 – 13th 2017

Social Zen Retreat, created by a friend of mine from Les Roches named Alaine, focuses on the journey to wellness and making new friends from around the world. From yoga, contemporary dance classes (that’s her speciality by the way), to eating healthy, and many more that what Singaporeans consider as “Lepak” activities that we are not able to enjoy in the busy city is what she and her group of friends focus on. Here are some reasons to check Social Zen Retreat out!

  1. Relaxation – its something that a lot of us need after the burn out of working or studying life in the city. Having a relaxation trip with someone planning them all out for you is a great way to relax and enjoy. Planned by like minded people
  2. Healthy eating – on normal daily basis with work occupying most of our time, we might not have the time to watch what we eat! therefor the extra flabs on the arm, tummy and thighs!
  3. Have I mentioned wine classes? Needs no more explanation then it is.
  4. Yoga – totally ties in the healthy living. Being in a busy country, yoga might just be the best thing to help you slow down your pace, as well as getting back in shape. 
  5. Alaine’s ultra talented in organising events, it runs in her blood! 

On the 9th to the 13th of August, she has planned for a journey to Koh Samui, Thailand for an amazing get away especially for those who are from the busy city life like us. Check it out when you have the time 🙂 





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