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Cultural Night 2017.1 – Organisation

Lo and behold, i have chosen Events as my specialisation course for my final semester of my degree. This semester so far is the most difficult in terms of mental and physical. Planning out an event and its logistics are relatively easy due to the huge support we have received from multiple individuals, like teachers… Continue reading Cultural Night 2017.1 – Organisation

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Reliving the hospitality life 

Initially, I chose hospitality as my university degree is because i believe everyone having some sort comfortable daily lif, a special memory to be created if you will. There are unexpectedness and at times you have to adjust accordingly is something I would like to challenge myself with. After two years in this line of… Continue reading Reliving the hospitality life 

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You might want to rethink your choices of studying where i am at…

Although i have only started my internship 2/3 weeks ago, i already have so much to say. As interns in a foreign country so far away home, and where language and culture are so different then what we are used to, we tend to get very misunderstood by our managers, co-workers and most times our internship co-coordinatior.… Continue reading You might want to rethink your choices of studying where i am at…


130706 Super Show 5 Singapore – Concert

Joey and I were featured in the Sunday’s New Paper >< Although this wasnt an event i planned to go to due to university commitment, but deferment of uni let me have the last time to meet Super Junior in Singapore. Originally, i was suppose to enroll on the 5th of july for orientations in… Continue reading 130706 Super Show 5 Singapore – Concert

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Jung SungHa Singapore – Journalist experience

When Jung Sungha, famous korean youtube guitarist came to Singapore last weekend, i got a chance to help out Koreanupdates with media passes as a journalist with Zen (aka Excentrique). We went to both days, and were quite surprised with some things as we were quite miss informed. For the press conference, we arrived at… Continue reading Jung SungHa Singapore – Journalist experience

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Feeling the panic of final exams

i have 2 more weeks until the start of my final exams. It’s a month worth of exams, which is very long compared to a week of exam! Although i can’t wait for graduation and university, i don’t want to face finals. I stupidly took Psychology Higher Level, which i regretted for 2 years until… Continue reading Feeling the panic of final exams