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How I managed to save 50% – Shopping with deals and cash backs

I have just recently graduated from collage, and currently jobless as upsetting as it sounds. Being jobless doesn’t stop the constant want of shopping, therefor i look out for discounts that can be more friendly to the pocket. Thats where the habits and skills of being most collage students, which is constantly at a look… Continue reading How I managed to save 50% – Shopping with deals and cash backs


Glow in Thailand Retreat – August 9 – 13th 2017

Social Zen Retreat, created by a friend of mine from Les Roches named Alaine, focuses on the journey to wellness and making new friends from around the world. From yoga, contemporary dance classes (that’s her speciality by the way), to eating healthy, and many more that what Singaporeans consider as “Lepak” activities that we are not able to… Continue reading Glow in Thailand Retreat – August 9 – 13th 2017

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Cultural Night 2017.1 – Organisation

Lo and behold, i have chosen Events as my specialisation course for my final semester of my degree. This semester so far is the most difficult in terms of mental and physical. Planning out an event and its logistics are relatively easy due to the huge support we have received from multiple individuals, like teachers… Continue reading Cultural Night 2017.1 – Organisation

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Étude House Precious Mineral BB creams – Review

Etude House in Singapore had a sale on many of their products during Christmas of 2016, 50% of particularly on BB creams with purchase of two, might as well buy some no? Being in humid HongKong for 6 months worth of internship, each week working 6 days and 10 hours per day i stuck down… Continue reading Étude House Precious Mineral BB creams – Review

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EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

Awhile ago a friend of mine started baking brownies from home and have them sold. Initially it was only sold to people in Medan and after awhile, he started to ship them off to all over Indonesia. His brand of brownies are called EarthBake. These are what he usually have to offer, and mind you that… Continue reading EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

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Pre – Christmas date with @toffeemilk and @fyonx

The year after entering the hospitality world when i haven’t worked and is actually home for christmas but didn’t celebrate them much as i liked. Instead i get to see some of my friends whom I’ve known from 4 years ago but yet to meet, as well as some cousins. But hey, not complaining since… Continue reading Pre – Christmas date with @toffeemilk and @fyonx